Lush Valentine's Day 2018

Well it's the year I have a functioning bath tub so I've been going a little HAM with the Lush stock-ups. I went a little buy crazy during the Boxing Day BOGO sale and am still working my way through those products, but with the Valentine's Day "Limited Edition" bits, I knew I had to go in and swoop on some new bath goodies. I always feel a bit overwhelmed when I look at things individually, so sometimes I'll gravitate towards their sets since they aren't any more expensive AND come with a little box to store everything in - double win. I went with the Love Hearts gift set and it came with 5 products - I've had it for about 3 days and I already used one - and I plan to use another later the night this is to be posted. 

So I thought I'd do a quick little sum-up of what's in the Love Hearts Set:

  • ROSE BOMBSHELL - - This one is a rose bath bomb with actual rose petals. I hear about this one a lot so I'm excited to try this one out as I do love rose! 
  • TISTY TOSTY - - Another rose bath bomb with aromas of rose and jasmine, two of my absolute favorites! I saw this one over on Gemma's blog and knew right away that it was one that I wanted to snatch up. This one also has little rose buds in it that will open up once the bath bomb fizzles away and dissolves.
  • LOVE BOAT - - a love boat bomb guys ! ! ! This one has a lemon-orange scent and claims to leave pastel colors. I found this to be true / also not true - as it faded away to be a bit grey/murky soon after. This one was fun, but I don't necessarily think I would purchase this one again.
  • UNICORN HORN - - This one is a bubble bar with lavender, ylang ylang, and neroli. It smells incredible and I can't wait to use this one! I've heard great things about this one so I'm quite excited to use it! I've also come across some IG accounts that cut up Lush products (and other bath products) and it's so satisfying to watch. So I think I might try doing that myself this weekend :B (I did my first makeup smash on IG - be sure to check it out here!)
  • WHOLE LOTTA LOVE - - This is my first bubbleroon and I'm excited for it! This one is supposed to be like a caramel apple scent, with jasmine and rose mixed in with lemongrass and bergamot for a sweet and tart scent. It smells great so I'm quite excited to try this one! I'm also excited for the murumuru butter + cocoa butter. I really hope this one leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth after because spring (leg showing weather) is swiftly approaching and I need all the help I can get!! 

I've been doing lipstick posts for the last few years on the blog so I thought it'd be fun to mix it up a bit with this mini Lush themed haul/post. Hope you guys liked it :) If you can get your hands on these, I'd say run on in to Lush ASAP! Hope you're all having a wonderful day today (regardless if you're in a relationship or not). When I bought this the sales associate asked who I was buying the set for - to which I smiled and said myself. Remember - always treat yo'self!