Glossier Generation G Gets a Makeover

For those of you that don’t already know, the Glossier Generation Gs are a sheer-matte lipstick that give the “just-blotted” effect. I can 100% attest that these new formulas are very much indeed sheer and 1-2 swipes will give you that barely there hue, and 3-4 shades will give you that better color payoff. If you’re looking for a bold statement lips, I’ll say now that these are not for you. But if you want to start incorporating lip color into your everyday makeup routine, I think these would be perfect! They’re low maintenance and easy so you’ll never have to worry about these being smudged across your face in that 10AM meeting.

Last month, the Generation Gs got a makeover and the packaging has changed, along with the formula (ever so slightly). The bullet is now a bit heftier and a tad wider. I know a lot of people had issues with the old packaging cracking, the lipstick bullets straight up falling out of the tube, and issues with poor application on dry lips. I honestly think Glossier nailed it with addressing these known “issues” and really brought out a great replacement. I will admit that I semi miss the thinner bullets since they were a little bit easier to line and shape the lips. I have noticed that some of the shades (unfortunately) are not the same as they used to be. I’ve included some swatch comparisons below for you. I’m not necessarily unhappy with the changes but I know a few people re bummed with the shade changes. For example, I know a lot of people were huge fans of the old Leo shade but aren’t as big of fans of the new browner version. I for one am all for the 90s brown lip so I am loving it.

As you can see in the swatch comparisons, the bullet is much wider which could be a pro/con depending what you tend to prefer. I’m also not sure if you can tell, but the new formulation is much more sheer than the original formula. This is most notable with the brighter shades - Zip, Jam, and Crush. *Disclaimer - please ignore my older swatch for Like, my tube definitely has gone off as the shade was strange and the product itself was extremely dry and discolored. Safe to say I tossed it straight away.

Leo: Neutral Cocoa Brown

Cake: Subtle Peach

Like: Light, Cool Pink

Zip: Poppy Red

Jam: Deep Berry

Crush: Hot Raspberry Pink

I’ll admit that prior to this re-launch, one product from Glossier’s range that I wanted so hard to love were the Generation G lippies. In theory they were good, but for someone with chronically dry lips, they were not always rainbows and hugs. Some shades were more doable than others, but some shades would cling to any crack or dry patch on your lips. This made me a lot more weary about using them and thus, they were left unused in my collection for quite some time. In general, I think I opted out of using lipsticks for the majority of 2018 (whoops).

I’ve been working really hard to improve the condition of my lips which have improved a lot and I’ve seen a huge difference in the last month or so. Peep on over to this post where I go over some of my favorite lip saviors. While my lips are prone to cracking/bleeding, it’s a work in progress.

What are your thoughts on the new Generation Gs? Will you be giving these a try?

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