CHY Empties | Moveout Clearout

This post has been queued up for quite some time (almost 3 months - whoops) and I needed to push this one out because I have another empties post to draft! When I moved out of my last apartment back in September, I worked really hard to clear out as much as I could so that I wouldn’t have as much to move with me. Suffice to say, I did a damn good job of it because look. how. much. stuff !!! I stopped doing the reverse rouge project because I know I have definitely done way more than that. Not sure if you guys are even that interested in that anyways but if you are, let me know and I’ll start incorporating that again!

Body & Hair

  • Sol de Janeiro Smoothing Scrub N' Mask* - I actually very much enjoyed this and even cut it open so I could use it up. I left it in the bottom of the container and sadly it dried up really quick. I should’ve known because this isn’t just a scrub but also a mask. If you do plan to do the same, I recommend putting it in a decanted jar. I used it as a mask once but honestly I don’t have the patience for it. But I did love it as a scrub because it was gritty but not so much that it was painful! But I mostly loved it because it came in a squeeze tube and I didn’t have to dig my fingers into it.

  • Sol de Janeiro Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel* - This was nice but I didn’t think it was anything super special. If you love the SDJ scent, you will probably love this because using this and their Bum Bum Cream afterwards means the scent will most definitely linger. My skin did feel soft but for the cost of it, I don’t personally think I would buy it.

  • Soap & Glory Clean On Me Body Wash* - Ok this is probably my favorite body wash ever because of the scent and how much bang for your buck you get with this one. I’ve gone through countless ones of these and I’m working on finishing up some other ones before I go back to my S&G body washes.

  • L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil - This one is also a fav of mine and I’ve gone through so many of these. These are my favorite thing to use when I shave - it leaves you with a nice close shave and also super hydrated skin. Forget shaving creams - go. for. this !!

  • Macadamia Hair Nourishing Moisture Mask - This is one of my favorite hair masks and one I keep going back to. It is a bit pricey for what it is but a little scoop goes a long way and this tub can last me for months. I probably use two quarters size dollops once a week and this can last me about 4+ months. The scent is divine and leaves my hair feeling silky smooth. I honestly look forward to using this every week!

  • Davines Oi All In One Milk - I was actually sad to see this one go and have been using a few alternatives which are good but just not the same. I like that this one has kind of a soft honey milk-ish scent which just smells fresh. It’s kind of a pain to buy this because I got this one from Cult Beauty about a year and a half back, but I tried ordering a replacement earlier this year and it said that this one couldn't be shipped to me in the US (boooo). I know they have it on Amazon / Davines US site, but it’s a bit more pricier so I’m a bit bummed. I’m sure I’ll replace this one day, but I’ll be taking this time to try some other hair leave-in conditioners.

  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF55 - When I moved I found this in my stash of things and used it over the summer. Now that summer has come and gone, I decided to toss it because I just want to buy one and use it for a season before tossing so it doesn't sit and get old. Also a few brands have sent me some sunscreen body products so I don’t need to stock up on them.


  • Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum* - This stuff is honestly magic in a bottle. This claims to help with hyper pigmentation and I really think it works. I went through this serum relatively quickly and I’d say that my skin did seem brighter and more even in skin tone. I have another two bottles of this on deck to use and if you’ve been on the fence, this is definitely one Caudalie product to try.

  • Brooklyn Botany Vitamin C Lascorbic Acid* - I honestly haven’t found any vitamin c products that I love but this one probably comes in near the top. It smells citrusy and doesn’t have a weird after-smell that most vitamin c products have. I wanted to finish this up on my legs as I do have a lot of scars and hyper pigmentation from nicks here and there over the years. I actually think this worked super well at helping to fade scars and left my legs looking a bit more even in tone.

  • Get Velvet Skin No. 11 Brightening Serum* - Similar to the above, I was using this on scarred areas on my face and then on my legs. I do think this helped give a better overall appearance to my skin but I’m not sure that it’s something I would repurchase. I find the Caudalie radiance serum above to be the most effective and I’ll probably just stick with that one.

  • Red Earth Beauty Brighten Concentrate* - I was using this on my face for a while and loved how lightweight it was and how quickly it sunk into my skin. I was daring enough to even mix a drop into my AM moisturizer. I did eventually get bored with this so I finished it up on my legs and it really helped with dry scaliness that I had and helped even out my legs overall.

  • Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner - This one was super hyped up for me because I saw so many people featuring it over on Instagram. I did enjoy it in the beginning but towards the last 1/4 of the bottle I did get annoyed with all the rose petals floating around. They’d plug up the opening so you’d have to shake it around to get the product out / unclogged. I ended up taking out the stopper and just leaving the entire top open so I could just pour out the toner, even if that meant a few petals came out. I did think it was great at adding an extra layer of hydration to my skin and although the packaging was a bit meh, I’d probably still repurchase this. I’m trying to use up more of what I have, but I think I’ll probably pick this up in a future Sephora sale when the time comes.

  • Caudalie Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil* - I am quite picky when it comes to cleansing oils and aside from my Tatcha cleansing oil, Caudalie’s is the only one that I would alternate it with. It has a semi sweet almond scent which I love and this really helps your skin feel clean and soothed. The oil consistency is slightly more watery than Tatcha’s but not as watery as some other ones I’ve tried. I like this the most because I feel like I can actually massage it onto my face without it running right off. I have a backup of the Tatcha one to use right now but I’ll probably repurchase the Caudalie one to use after that - just to mix things up a bit.

  • Origins GinZing Moisturizer - I had this one for quite a while and I was nearing the end of it’s suggested shelf life. I had a few minis of these on hand and would always reach for them when I went traveling. This moisturizer is one of my favorites to reach for during the warmer seasons and as that season was nearing its end, I decided to just finish this up on my body to be done with it and move on. I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this anytime soon, but if I end up missing it next year I just might.

  • Oskia Renaissance Mask (tossed) - This is one I bought a long while back and one I kind of kept because I felt a tad guilty. I never loved it as it left my skin feeling a bit greasy afterwards. I’ve had it for almost 3 years now so I figured it was time to give this the toss. I love the Oskia Renaissance Cleanser but I think the mask will be a pass for me.

  • Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Detoxify & Brighten Purifying Pink Clay Mask * (tossed) - UO Beauty gifted me this one and I was really excited to try it. The first time I used it, I felt like it was so drying that my skin actually started burning. Although it rinsed off extremely easily, my skin felt so stripped afterwards that I was a bit scared to reach for it again. In the end, I just decided that I’d use it on my nose where I needed it the most. This mask actually dried up pretty quickly so I ended up just tossing it in my empties bag cause I didn’t want to reach for it. I've heard mostly negative things about this mask (unfortunately) from many people, so it’s definitely a pass on repurchasing for me.

  • Willing Beauty Sleepover Replenishing Night Cream * - This was one of my favorite products I tried from the Willing Beauty line and I loved how hydrating it was. I think it really helps with lines (especially dreaded tech neck). You can read a bit of a more detailed review in my empties post from way back when with my first pot.

  • Lancer Caviar Lime Acid Peel - This product is probably the product that converted T and I to dabble more with Lancer. It’s an AHA peel that is super gentle but effective. For a good amount of time we were doing this on a weekly basis and would leave this on for the full hour - cause baby smooth skin. I know a lot of people love Drunk Elephant Baby Facial but I actually think for a peel type product, Lancer is my go-to choice.


  • CROP Hand + Body Wash (discontinued)* - T and I had this in our kitchen and we used it quite fast. I don’t remember it having much of a scent but it was pretty hydrating for a hand wash and it never felt dry. I tried looking for a link but it looks like it’s been discontinued :(

  • Marvis Classic Strong Mint + Aqua Mint (bf threw away) - Marvis toothpastes are my favorite and although expensive for what they are, I love them enough to splurge since it is something I use day and night, every single day! A follower told me that you can snag these at Marshall’s for cheap so keep an eye out next time you’re there!

  • Okame Bio-Cellulose Mask (Hydrating)* - This one was nice although nothing special. It had a lot of extra product so I ended up slathering it on my arms and legs - much like I do with most of my face masks. The fit wasn’t anything to sing home about and I ended up passing the other Okame masks to friends since I’m not really a *huge* fan of sheet masks in general.

  • Joanna Vargas Twilight Face Mask* - Although I’m not a huge sheet mask fan, I have come across some that I like and these ones from JV definitely fit the bill. I feel like they fit my face well and don’t feel like they’re falling off my face. This one is a deep hydrating mask and I love to use it with a cold jade roller straight from the fridge. My skin always feels super plump after I use them and they’re a staple for sure.

  • Shiseido Facial Cotton Pads (x165) - These are a complete treat yourself and I’m all for it. I’m pretty sure my mom ordered some a long time ago and I thought it was so unnecessary (lol). But I tried them a while back and honestly I can’t ever go back to Target ones. I think I tried but now I just use those for wiping glycolic toner on my arms/legs. To help make these Shiseido pads go further, I’ve been cutting them in half at the suggestion of @devsday. I thought it would be too small but it’s actually the perfect size to take off my eye makeup on both eyes + my eyebrow powder. I’m 1/3 through with my current bag and am low key debating on picking up another pack soon.

  • Muji Cut Cotton (x165) - So in a desperate attempt to find an alternative to the costly option above, I picked up 2 packs when I was in store at Muji since they were having a 50% off deal. I know some people say that the Muji cotton pads are a good dupe for the Shiseido cotton pads, but I’m not 100% sold. They weren’t bad but I think I might need to pick up another pack soon so I can do a direct comparison. They are also quite large so they could definitely be cut in half as well.

And that’s one of two empty clear-out posts that I have planned, cause I have another roundup of products that I’ve finished up since I moved into my new place.

Do you spot any favorites? What are some products you’ve used up lately?


Products marked with (*) were gifted to me, but all opinions remain my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

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