Introduction to Willing Beauty & a Review

I was contacted by Willing Beauty back in June to give their HY+5 Skincare Regimen* a try. I'll admit that at first I wasn't all too interested as I was 1. mixing it up with the line for teenagers (Willa) and 2. was being a bit stuck up with packaging. As a lover of all things minimal, I just knew the blue packaging would "clash" with my normal products and photos. But the more I looked into the brand, the more I wanted to give their products a try. The brand introduces HY+5: hyaluronic acid alongside 5 forces of nature (Vitamin C, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Antarctic Glycoproteins, Alpine Edelweiss Flower, Deep Sea Hydrothermal Enzymes). Additionally, Willing Beauty products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances + they're cruelty free! 

What got me with this brand was that within 30 days, 97% of women saw skin improvements in texture and moisture, alongside additional claims of firmer skin and a reduction in fine lines. In no means is my skin aging or in bad condition, but I'm well in my mid-20's and I'm trying my best to take care of my skin early on. I am prone to dry skin (especially in cooler weather) and I fear that wrinkles will be an early onset type of thing for me, so I thought this range would be perfect to try.

I was kindly gifted the HY+5 Regimen* which includes the cleanser, moisturizer, night serum, night cream, and tinted primer w/ SPF. I've been using these day and night (alongside a few other products) over the last month and I've rounded up some thoughts about the products:

  • Do Over Nourishing Cleanser | This actually reminds me a bit of the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, but a bit thicker in consistency. I'm still getting used to this one but it does feel thicker than MJC and sometimes I feel like I have to keep washing my face to feel "clean." I also realize I don't need as much product, a tiny pea size amount is good enough to work into your skin and neck. This cleanser doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped at all and it always feels hydrated and calm. I recently finished one of my cleansers in my double cleanse system so I'm rotating this one in. Although I am nearing the end of my morning cleanser so I might swap that in there instead - still debating. (Personally I don't like moving things from my shower to my sink - I leave them in one place or another lol.)
  • Daydream Illuminating Day Moisturizer | I've been alternating between this and the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intense Hydration Gel and have been pretty happy with both. I do wish this had a flip cap like the cleanser as that would make this product much easier to use in the morning. I even think if it had a pump it would work fine as it's pretty liquidy in consistency. I particularly like this moisturizer as it is extremely lightweight and sinks into your skin quickly, making it perfect for layering with a serum and sunscreen. And that's especially great in the mornings when I don't have time to wait in-between skincare steps. This one has an almost pearlescent look to the cream, but it applies normally and does not leave any sort of shimmer. Idk if it's just cause it says illuminating, but paired with my makeup lately, I think my skin has been looking dewy and bright and wonderrrrful. 
  • Partner In Time Age-Defying Night Serum | This stuff is seriously growing on me - it reminds me very much of the Glossier Super Bounce Serum but in a more opaque and runny consistency. At night I've been mixing this with a moisturizer to apply to my face. I'll also take another pump and apply this to my neck/upper chest area to help with those dreaded neck lines. This sinks in fast so it's perfect around there as I don't like products feeling too sticky or heavy. I think I'm more than 2/3 through with this one and I'm actually kind of (really) sad about it.
  • Sleepover Replenishing Night Cream | This stuff is probably magic in a jar. I used the teeniest tiniest amount on my face as I thought it was pretty heavy to apply, although it never left my skin feeling greasy. But I wanted to truly test the claims of skin improvements in texture, moisture, and skin appearance. I ended up applying this to my legs each night as they are pretty gross and dare I say scaly? They're always dry and nothing I ever do makes them seem normal. In conjunction with all the regular scrubs I've been using on a weekly basis, I've seen such a difference in the appearance of my legs after using this cream. I'm pretty lazy about applying moisturizers to my body in the morning and when I would get home in the evening and change into comfier clothes, I noticed that my legs would still be smooth and soft. So yes - I definitely agree with the claims. 
  • Get Set SPF30 Tinted Primer | Unfortunately this is the one bust for me - we were so close guys. There's nothing actually wrong with it, but I just don't tend to be a fan of the whipped primer texture. It just feels a bit blah to me and I just instantly fear that my skin will break out. I also wasn't a huge fan of the tinted portion of this as it just seemed a bit difficult to blend in to my skin and my hands just felt really grimey after. I could definitely do without this one. 

I would say that the products are pretty small in size (compared to some other brands out there), so it is a brand where you may go through the products quite quickly. I would say that each product could accurately last you a month with regular daily use. I finished the night cream (cry) and am nearly done with the serum (cry again) - and it's safe to say I would get these again. Willing Beauty also offers a 'No-Brainer Replenishment' program, allowing you to set the items, quantity, frequency, and ship date for any products you want regularly replenished in your stock. Even better, every 3 you buy, you'll get 1 free. I love when brands reward customers for shopping (and returning to shop) with them.

Fun fact!! For the entire month of August (2017), Willing Beauty is offering the HY+5 Regimen for $98 (regularly $138) - that is a steal. AND on top of that, they're including the Born to Glow Skin Elixir ($39 value) with the regimen for Free. That allows for a total savings of $79 - seriously, such a steal. I haven't personally tried the skin elixir, but it's a hydrating lightweight oil, and if it's anything like their other skincare products I'm sure it'll be a hit. 

Willing Beauty did give me a referral link - Eventually I will make commissions off of sales made through my link, but don't feel pressured to buy through my link if you are not comfortable. As always, all profits from affiliate/referral links are always funneled back in to my blog *!

What do you think of these products? Would you give them a try?

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