LVX Nail Polish Collection

So my nail polish has grown exponentially over the past year, and that's in most part thanks to LVX Nails. As I get older I become more cautious about the products I use in an effort to be kinder to my body. Last year I did my best to eliminate hair products with SLS. I'm making an effort to be better about my nail polishes next, even if that means a heftier price tag. For the most part I'm over the phase of having nail polishes in every color - I'm really big on having polishes that are relatively neutral colored and ones that I'll actually reach for on a regular basis. Although I'm not opposed to having some in fun colors, and as you'll see I have quite the variety of colors below.

ROW 1: 3-in-1 Treatment, Santal, Mink, Ashe, Gel Top Coat
ROW 2: Vanille, Coquillage, Camellia, Brique, Crimson
ROW 3: Seychelle, Argonne, Oasis, Narcissist, Reine

LVX has a huge variety of shades and you'd be able to find almost any color that you're looking for - just take a look! I find their shades to be extremely opaque and you get great color payoff in just 2 layers. (Even with the light pastel shades - goodbye streaky application.) The polishes also last quite a long time and I can usually get a solid 3 days before I noticed any chipping along the tips. If you're better about your nails then you may be able to get a few additional days in.

In addition to your colored polishes, LVX has 'treatments.' They have base coats, top coats, nail oils - all priced slightly higher than the polishes at $20 each. I've tried the Gel Top Coat which is great for giving that extra gloss to your painted nail without an extra goop that takes eons to dry. I do think that it helps your polish last just a smidge longer, especially along the edges. In line with their products, their nail color remover is natural, non-toxic, and odorless. These come individually packed in a box of 12, with enough product to remove polish from both fingers and toes. The box of 12 is $20 and although pricey, sometimes paying a little bit more for something good is worth it. It also makes it so much easier to travel with! 

The photo to the right > > > features LVX's current Spring/Summer range - it features a ton of fun and bright colors along with some classic neutral shades. And a shade that I've been trying to find is this beautiful olive color! Or as my boyfriend like to call it - sh*t green (:

LVX is currently having a Friends & Family sale, giving you 30% off your order when you sue the code 'FF2017'! This promotion is running through 6/30/2017. (This is not a sponsored post nor is it an affiliate code - just perfect timing!)

*All products mentioned have been graciously gifted to me by the LVX team. I am so grateful that blogging gives me the opportunity to work with amazing brands and to be gifted so many generous products!