A Mini Lush Haul + My First (!!!) Bath Bomb/Bubble BarS

I feel like Lush is the quintessential beauty blogging brand. From the beginning of time that I started watching YouTube videos and reading blogs, everyone has talked about Lush - from their bath bombs and bubble bars, to their face masks, to their body washes - and then some. Over the years I've bought stuff - partially out of the feeling of peer pressure, partially out of curiosity. It still baffles me that people regularly buy bath bombs and bubble bars as I think they're quiiiite expensive. Dropping $5-8 per bath for a single bath bomb seems a bit excessive to me, especially since I can buy a nice body wash, scrub, or mask for maybe double/triple the price which will last me a lot longer. I also was never too faffed as I didn't have a functional tub at home so I didn't completely feel like I was missing out. But as I recently moved into a place that does have a bath.. you can bet the curious cat in me was definitely intrigued.

I had a little spendy splurge at Lush and picked up some bits - some new, some repurchases. My boyfriend loooves The Olive Branch Shower Gel so I picked up the large size for him. I love it too so it's worth the investment since we both can use it. I also picked up the Tea Tree Water which I had previously and loved. When my skin feels very fussy and on the verge of breaking out, I like to use tea tree oil/water as it helps clear things building up under the skin. My boyfriend has been looking for some alternatives to an Origins Toner he's been using and I suggested mixing this into his routine. 

On to the goodies : : : I decided to get one bath bomb and two bubble bars - just for a little bit of variety. One of the ones I was most excited to try was the Sparkly Pumpkin ! This one is a classic Fall/Halloween favorite and I wanted to try it. This one is extremely sparkly - like touch it and you're covered in sparkles - so I was a bit nervous to come out looking like a disco ball / having some major tub cleanup afterwards.  I had heard mixed reviews about using half or all of this bubble bar as some claimed it wasn't enough. I did try this out and I was successfully able to use half in one go and it was more than enough bubbles in my opinion. I was actually extremely impressed with the bubbles as it’s nothing like the ones I had as a kid. These bubbles were fluffy (lol) and if I clapped my hands together they were thick and dallop-y. They also pretty much lasted the entire bath and at the end I was happy not to come out like a disco ball and there actually was no major cleanup needed - just a quick rinse of the tub. I can’t wait to use the other half! The next one is one I'm most excited about - The Comforter Bubble Bar. This one smells incredible and I've been eyeing it up for a while. I was thinking of getting The Comforter Shower Gel but with this I thought it'd be good enough. This one was pricey at $13, but I've read you can easily use this one a good few times by just crumbling up a small piece. This one is also suuuper photogenic and I have a feeling it'll be making it's feature in a few more posts before I crack it open. I haven't tried either of these yet but I'll be sure to keep you all posted once I do! It'll probably be a first impressions type thing over on Instagram - but maybe they'll be featured in a monthly favorites type post.

I bought one bath bomb and it had to be the Intergalactic one. I love all the swirly colors it makes and how minty it smells. I actually wasn't expecting all the glitter but it was nice to have them semi cover my skin afterwards. My boyfriend was unpleasantly surprised by the blue glittery mess it left afterwards hahah. It did leave my skin feeling extremely soft afterwards and I'm definitely intrigued by it.

I have a few others on my list to try so let me know if you've tried any of them / have any recommendations for others. Some things on my list include: Shoot for the Stars, Twilight, Tisty Tosty, Twilight, Sex Bomb, Sleepy cream. : : : I'm also eyeing up a good few from the holiday line: The Magic of Christmas, Magic Wand, Star Light Star Bright, Snow Fairy Bath Bomb, Luxury Lush Pud, Saucy Snowcake . I think I'll keep these on my wish list and set my calendar to remind me of the Lush Boxing Day sale as that one always has crazy good sales!!

As much as I like Lush and their products, it definitely needs to be something I treat more as an occasional type treat as my wallet would not survive a regular splurge here. I am gonna need to look into more alternatives and bath milks, bath salts, and the likes. If you have any firm favorites, please do give me your recommendations!! And if you know any bloggers who are queens at bath times (Paula is definitely one in my eyes), please send me their way so I can build up my list of bath wishlist products!