5 Artists to Listen to at Work

Music is therapy for the soul, and something I constantly need in my life. I tend to listen to music as if it were the soundtrack to my life - can you tell I grew up watching far too many TV dramas? I'm fortunate to have so many people in my life with amazing music taste, and over the years I've been influenced in every which way. I'm a fan of many genres, so it's pretty difficult to have me narrow down a favorite.

I love listening to music and it surrounds me. I have long commutes and although I sometimes like to listen to audiobooks or trash radio stations (my celebrity gossip source), I really just love fine-tuning my Spotify playlists for all events. I have upbeat sing-along soundtracks for days when my drive is horrendous, I have pump-up music for the days I used to work out at the gym, and I have those moody soundtracks for those chill moods. I mentioned in my life lately post (here) that my office has converted to open concept. My work space has officially moved and it's definitely interesting getting accustomed to it. I am excited that we get to wear headphones as this means I can go back to listening to my music at a normal volume level - tbh I've always been one to blast music while studying. At my old job I had my own 10x10 cube (hello, personal space), then when I switched to my current job I shared an 8x8 cube, and now to my own 8 foot desk. Downsizing a lot but hey, we live in the 21st century and entering that "start up lyfe" - even though I don't work anywhere remotely like a start up. I thought I'd share some of my favorite artists to listen to while I'm at work - all catchy, all upbeat, while mellow enough not to be distracting. 

1. ODESZA | I've been listening to Odesza for a few years now and their music is the perfect soundtrack for almost any part of your day, whether it be getting ready in the morning, taking a roadtrip, or sitting on a beach at sunset. But their music is catchy and easy to listen to at work. It's particularly great for zoning out and just bumping to the music. 

2. Oh Wonder | This is a fairly recent discovery for me as I heard about them at the Outsidelands Music Festival in San Francisco, CA back in August of last year (although I guess it has been a while). My boyfriend and I were just grabbing lunch near one of the main stages and were actually moseying around exploring and waiting for the next artist on this list to perform. We ended up catching the beginning of their set and after one song we were sold and laid our blanket out near the side to soak in the music. They've been on the scene for a while now but I've just discovered them and I'm oh so happy I did. The boyfriend and I definitely played this for the majority of a recent road trip - it's gold.

3. Wet | Wet is an American Indie Pop group from Brooklyn, New York. I think the first song I heard from them was 'Don't Wanna Be Your Girl' on the radio a while back. After finally figuring out who the artist was, I quickly jumped on Spotify only to be enamored with Kelly Zutrau's voice. The whole album is mellow, relaxing, and great to play in the background. I was so fortunate to see them live and they were ah-maz-ing. (TBH, when I saw Wet on the set list for Outsidelands I was sold.)

4. Broods | Broods is a music duo from New Zealand. They have toured with big names like Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding, so they are no small feat. I'm pretty sure they were at a few music festivals in California in the past few years as a ton of people I know listen to them. I think I saw friends listening to them on Spotify so I listened and I was quickly smitten. The music is upbeat yet soothing, definitely one for when you're feeling a bit meh and need a pick me up.

5. SG Lewis | Ultimate moody vibes - I'm all for it. Jessie from sunbeamsjess always has the best taste in music, and some of my favorite songs she plays are by SG Lewis. She always has the best music and one song that is the ultimate vlog song (in my ears) is Warm. Once Fall hit I listened to it non-stop as it just felt so relaxing to listen to, and just perfect as the weather became cooler and crisp. I've listened to a few other songs from him and I seriously dig his music vibes.

Music is such a wonderful thing, I hope you check out these artists! And if you have similar taste in music, PLEASE share your favorite artists with me! 

(Also this is the first time I've done a post like this. Not sure about the format but do leave any feedback! Would you prefer if I embedded a playlist with songs to listen to?)

{Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for letting me play around and photograph him. I always take photos of items but I really do want to start working on my people photography skills. Fulfilling one of my items on my blog to-do list (here)! Also, just helps give my boyfriend an idea of the kind of photos I want him to take. I think I'm doing a good job of swaying him in the photography track cause he did a kick-ass job taking some photos during our trip to Chicago. See my Chicago Photo Diary HERE if you missed it! And my little collaboration with NOTO Botanics HERE and HERE.}