Beauty Discoveries for 2016

Can you believe we're most ways through January already? Looking back on 2016, it was definitely an interesting one - in many aspects. I always love these beauty discovery/favorites type posts - going through and evaluating all the new products I tried to determine the best of the best. I tried my best not to include anything that was purchased prior to 2016, and with the exception of one, I did quite well. Get ready and grab a cup of somethin' cause it's a big one!

At the beginning of the year I picked up the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in the shade Alaska. I still reach for this every once in a while, I like that it gives a natural finish (not all too matte IMO), although the slight alcohol scent is a bit deterring. Although I have my ups and downs with it, I think it's still a good overall product. While I was in the UK this Spring, I was most excited to pick up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. First off, this has the best light scent and a light natural coverage. The packaging does feel a bit cheap, although granted it is from the drugstore. But overall this is a great drugstore foundation if you're on the search for a cheaper alternative. The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation was possibly my best face product discovery from 2016. It was one that I had on my list for a long while and after getting color matched in stores, I decided to pick it up during one of the many sales at Sephora last year. This seriously gives that flawless finish and if you're looking for a luxe treat yo'self foundation - this is the one for you. Towards the end of the year I picked up the Glossier Stretch Concealer. For some reason I was a bit hesitant of this product when it was first released, but since there hasn't been a Glossier product I haven't loved, I figured I should pick this up. Holy game changer - this is the only "face" makeup I brought with me on a recent trip because it's enough to help cover up some redness while looking au natural. It really moves with your skin and does not look like it's caked on top. Speaking of Glossier, the Haloscopes were definitely a game changer in my books. I'm not the *biggest* fan of cream products but the Haloscopes give that glow without feeling 'ick' on my skin. I really liked Quartz when I got it, but Moonstone has actually been the winner for me. It's more of a sheer finish and just gives that subtle sparkle without being as over-the-top or bold as Quartz. 

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I genuinely thought I picked up the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone highlight earlier this year but I was looking back in my archives and it looks like I picked it up towards the end of 2015 (whoops). But this was still my highlight of choice this year and it was basically my favorite highlight of the year. Another BECCA product this year that I loved was the BECCA Blush in Wild Honey. It's a muted neutral shade which is described as a peachy nude - it gives a nice healthy glow and blends into my skin so well. 

I don't really use many eye products aside from my typical eyeliners and mascara. One of the very few eye products I picked up earlier this year was the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise cream shadow in Marie Antoinette. It gives a nice subtle sheen to my eyelids which I love layering with Burberry's Pale Barley eyeshadow (which actually was in my beauty favorites from 2015). If you have slightly oilier eyelids, using a primer underneath the cream shadow can help, or just setting it with some sort of eyeshadow powder over the top.

Hands down one of my favorites beauty discoveries of the year is the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. It's just that nice special treat which feels luxe in my daily getting ready routine and gives that dewy glow to your overall complexion. Basically I'm never going to shut up about this product - get used to it. I am quite tempted to try the Saturday Skin mist as Tamira Jarrel says it's even better than the Tatcha mist - is it even possible?? 

Who would I be without my lip products? Although I'll admit I may not wear a lip product every single day, I'm never one to pass on the opportunity to do so. Aside from my occasional bold lip choice, I've been making the effort to invest in more natural colored lip products. In 2015 I picked up my first Charlotte Tilbury lip product, and last year I was fortunate enough to add three additions - all which have become firm favorites in my book. The CT Matte Revolution Lipsticks in Very Victoria and Bond Girl have basically lived in my purse since I got them earlier this year. They're the most gorgeous neutral shades and are always easy to pop on with little to no effort, not to mention minimal maintenance for wear. I'll always keep the CT Lip Cheat Pencil in Iconic Nude in my purse as it really creates that perfect base and really binds the product to your lips - a sort of glue if you will. Another lip product I picked up earlier this year is the NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Tonkin, which is described as a cinnamon plum. The best thing about the three lipsticks I've just mentioned is that they all fade nicely throughout the day, you won't have the dreadful outer lip ring from the inside fading. *Use the lip liner and it'll be even more fool proof.* Another one which I'm still a bit torn about are the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks - the formula of these are incredible (love or hate the Kardashian clan, these lippies are great). I regularly use Dolce K which is actually a good dupe for KVD Bow n' Arrow - although I love the KVD formula, the Kylie Cosmetics formula is just so lightweight and comfortable on the lips. Although don't get me wrong, the KVD liquid lipsticks are some of my favorites - although those were more of 2015 discoveries as well.

On the Fragrance front, I've been smitten with Diptyque. I picked up Philosykos a few months back in a giant SpaceNK haul - it's the scent version of my favorite Diptyque candle, Figuier. I love how earthy and woodsy it smells, and I just felt tempted to pick up Diptyque Eau Rose. I'm getting to the bottom of my Chloe EDP (holy grail perfume), so I'm trying to ration it out and use a few other scents here and there.

Whew that was a long one - thank you for reading through if you made it! What are some of your best beauty discoveries of 2016? If you made any discovery/favorites posts for 2016, please link below so I can have a read through! 

I know I've been a bit MIA lately but I'm hoping that I'll be back in the swing of things soon. I've just felt very "busy" in my everyday life and was taking some time to myself. Thanks for being patient and sticking around these last few weeks! I've got some fun content coming up in the next few weeks, so get excited!