TAG: Boyfriend Explains The Purpose of Makeup

So I saw this post over on Celina's blog and I immediately wanted to ask my boyfriend these questions. He's one of my biggest fans on my blog and will read through my posts and give me feedback. He always thinks he has a great idea of makeup so I wanted to ask and see just how much he thinks he knows. I had a good laugh listening to his answers so I hope you enjoy reading! (PS - I pretty much typed this out as he was responding so you're hearing these thoughts firsthand. And they are just great.)

PRIMER. TO PUT OVER YOUR FOUNDATION (he said this really confidently, hence the caps)

FOUNDATION. It's your base. Like if you want your face to look like your body...'s skin. 

POWDER. Adds color to your cheeks! No? It's what you..wait. It's foundation right? To make your cheeks puffy? Not puffy.. if blush adds color.. what's powder.. It's what you put after foundation to make your cheeks pale?

CONCEALER. Hide your pimples or blemishes. 

BRONZER. Makes you look tan like those people on Jersey Shore. (TV show for those of you who don't know - just Google it.)

BLUSHER. Blush is to make yourself blush? Like pink cheeks? But wait, so what is powder exactly?

HIGHLIGHTER. Oh, like highlight your eyes. (Me: Please explain how one highlights their eyes?) Oh, just put it around the eyes. Like all over the edges. (LOL)

MASCARA. That thing for your eyelashes. 

EYESHADOW. This thing *motions painting his eyelid*. For your eyeball cover thing. What's it called? Eyelid.

EYELINER. It's for the bottom part of your eyes. It's usually a pencil, but I know you say you use liquid too. But doesn't that just get into your eyes then?

BROW PENCIL. People who don't like their eyebrows shave them off and draw them in with this.

LIPSTICK. What you put on your lips. A colorful color for your lips. 

SETTING SPRAY. So none of your makeup moves.

BB CREAM. What does BB stand for? Be beautiful cream? 

I hope you guys had fun reading through that as much as I did listening to that first hand. Let me know if you decide to do this with your boyfriend/brother/dad/friend. Leave your link and let me know if you do this TAG over on your blog!