All About Brows

Brows are obviously a big deal these days and my brow product collection has grown rather large. I like to mix it up with my brow products and have a good variety of products to choose from. By far my favorite method is using a brow powder and an angled brush - although it does take longer I just like that I have the most control with it. I used to use the NARS eyeshadow single in Bali a few years back, but a few months back I picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Brow Powder Duo in Chocolate. Tbh I probably could've gone for Soft Brown for a more natural brow look, but it's really your preference! I usually alternate between a few angled brushes that I own, I've been using the Zoeva 317 brush but it is a bit more flimsy than I'd like - better suited for winged liner. My top choice for doing my brows would be the MAC 266 brush. I then take my Tweezerman spoolie which is handy to keep on my top shelf.

Running with the ABH family, I have the Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown. Mine is rather dried out which is a bit disappointing as there's so much product left. This does still work out as it works almost like a powder and gives a very soft finish - I'm thinking of reviving this with some sort of oil. (If you have any tips feel free to send them my way!) Last from the ABH family is the notorious Brow Wiz. This has the thinnest nib which is great for drawing in hairs where you need it. I am fortunate to have very full brows so this one doesn't always seem necessary for me - but I do particularly like to use this one after I've gotten my brows done as they just need a little touching up to get the perfect shape. The thing I love about the Brow Wiz is probably the spoolie - it's one of the best I've used and really just brushes through your brows well.

Another brow pencil that is a firm favorite is the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. This one is on the pricier side but I do like the luxe touch that the Hourglass packaging adds. I particularly liked that this one has a wider nib as it really helps get those crisp lines for the brows to make them as bold and sharp as you'd like. Again, since my brows are quite full this product requires the lightest touch. I actually purchased this one a while back and still have yet to replace it - I still have a good amount left! The only downside is the quality of the packaging as the cap on the spoolie end is loose and tends to fall off while I'm applying the product to my brows on the alternate end. I am tempted to pick up the ABH Brow Definer as it also has a larger nib. 

Last on the list which is one I'm trying to get more into, is the Benefit Gimme Brow. Benefit recently decided to re-launch their brow products, so a new Gimme Brow will be coming soon. This is great when you're going for a light and minimal makeup look, as this helps buff up your brows to look more full rather than perfectly shaped or drawn in. I've had this for a while and it is still going strong. I'm trying to use this one up as I'm rather interested to give the Glossier Boy Brow a go. 

These are all the brow products I have on rotation right now, what are yours? Feel free to drop some recommendations because you know I'm all for trying out new products!