Life Lately | Exciting Blog Happenings

It's been some time and more since my last little life lately update post, and man has a lot happened. It pretty much always happens that things come when they are most unexpected. In this case, it mainly revolves around this little space on the internet. February proved to be quite an exciting month overall. I made my first big girl purchase, which was a car of my own! I'm clearly on the biggest spending ban ever and am really going through and using up my products first before I make any big purchases. (Edit: I've been quite stressed at work and caved and have bought some beauty bits here and there as a way to therapy the stress away - not the best choice haha.)

On the blogging front, it was the celebration of CHY's first whole year of blogging and many great things came soon after that. I was featured on Bloglovin's Beauty Explore Page not once, but twice in February which was overwhelmingly exciting. It's extremely surreal to be scrolling along and then seeing your name right next to those like Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles. Pinch me? 

Speaking of scrolling along and seeing your name, of all people to regram me was NARS on Instagram. Freakin' NARS. Yeah, again. PINCH ME. I opened my Instagram to a tremendous wave of followers and likes, which thoroughly confused me. And then as I was scrolling through my feed I saw my photo posted by NARS. It was insane, and I still feel all warm and bubbly inside - major hugs to the individuals at NARS for that lovely shoutout! 

And if you didn't already know, I created an Instagram account dedicated to this little space. If you haven't followed me, feel free to follow along at I usually post similar items to that on this blog, but I'm also hoping to post more #MOTD product posts here and there so you guys can see what I'm actually reaching for on a daily basis. My Instagram page will, more or less, be an extension of my blog.

I also have a new and amazing opportunity to partake in, and once more posts start rolling out through there I'll let all of you all know just what exactly it is. But it'll be running (potentially) through the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. so yeah - I'm extremely nervous and excited for this amazing opportunity that I've been offered!

I recently hit 300 followers here on Bloglovin' which isn't a lot to many, but it is an immense number which I am still in awe of. Thank you to every single one of you out there that follows along and leaves comments for me to read, whether you're new, old, or just stopping by. I read and reply to every single comment, and usually click through to the accounts of those who leave genuine comments. I love meeting new people so definitely do not be shy to tweet me or say hey!

March will be an insane month for me work wise as it's the busiest month of the year at my job. I'm already expecting to put in around 10 hours of overtime a week. Yeah, it's gonna be insane. I have some posts pre-scheduled so if I'm MIA for a bit do not fret. I'll be back when my sanity returns.

What's been going on in your life? I'd love to hear some major milestones or mini accomplishments you've reached!