Quick Makeup Travel Bag for a Weekend Holiday Getaway

The holiday goggles are officially on! Although Christmas is a good two-ish weeks away, I'm getting in the holiday spirit! I officially have no full weeks of work left for 2016 (hallelujah). There's a few half days, days off, and PTO days coming up. Today is one of them because I'm livin' it up in Disneyland! AKA the happiest place on earth, and possibly one of the most magically festive places during the holidays. It's been a good two years since I've been and I'm quite excited to go back! I go hardcore at Disneyland - my boyfriend was shocked last time we went because he'd, and I quote, never seen me walk so fast before in my life. A girl can be excited, yeah?

I did a travel makeup post before (here), but I thought I'd share with you some picks I'll be bringing along with me for a fun and packed day at Disneyland. Obviously I'm going to be taking a shit ton of selfies - what else do you do whilst in line? [I will abuse my snapchat filters - if you'd like to follow along, my username is 'CINDYHYUE.' Although be warned, I usually snap derpy photos of myself, my boyfriend, food, and any dog I can find - you will find no beauty things (just a disclaimer)]. It's just a candid shot into my life. I'll be bringing my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation because I'm obsessed / don't wanna be without it / hear it photographs well. Sign me up. I don't want to bring my Laura Mercier Setting Powder (although I'm seriously contemplating it), so I may just settle for my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette which has Diffused Light and a plethora of other shades and options to choose from. I'm debating on bringing Becca Moonstone (b/c I need that highlight to pop). Of course I can't be without my standard cat eye, so my KVD Trooper will come with me (hopefully I don't forget it like I did when I headed to Chicago back in August, whoops). I just picked up the Urban Decay mascara primer so I'm excited to test that out - I'll be layering it with my trusty Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara. Pleaseeee give me lashes..for days. 

I'm highly considering lip options, although I know I'm just going to be pigging out on food the ENTIRE time. Maybe this is what all those workouts for the last two months have been for..? (There is half truth to that statement.) I'll likely be bringing my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments in Honey and Plum - a girl needs options, right? I'll probably end up bringing KVD Bow n' Arrow / Kylie Dolce K since they're a good neutral staple and I know it'll last on my lips. Worst case, I'll just rub it off and since it's nude-ish and won't leave my lips looking odd and stained. Decisions, decisions, decisions. TBH I'm just bringing my normal purse which already houses most options like the ones above and some Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks. Basically everything I noted in my Lip Product Gift Guide (here) will be traveling with me. Also - I am fully aware that I have one pair of lips and less than 3 days in SoCal. Oh well.

I'm going to bring my camera with me to Disneyland so hopefully I'll get some fun shots! If not, my iPhone will do. After all, my Europe trip photos from 2015 were all shot on iPhone and they looked mighty swell (if I say so myself). Expect a Disneyland Photo Diary to come before Blogmas ends!

Happy weekend and I'll see you all next Monday for another week :D

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