No Way? Yes, Ouai.

One hair brand that I've been quite interested in trying during 2016 was definitely Ouai. During Black Friday I picked up the Ouai to Travel Set from Sephora as I found it to be a steal. Unfortunately this set is no longer available, but this set included the Wave SprayDry Shampoo Shampooing Sec, and Hair Oil. It also came in a nice white leather toiletry bag with a rose gold hair clip - score. In a previous SpaceNK GWP Haul (here), I received the Finishing Crème. I have yet to use it but after putting it against light for a photo I noticed that it had near to no product - slight bummer.


I've been consistently using the Hair Oil for the few weeks that I've had it and I can honestly say that I can see a difference. I can't stand to have wet hair so I always blow dry my hair, but as we all know that can be damaging over time. I'll give kudos to my hair because with all the heat styling I do to it, it's held up pretty well. I like to dry my hair and then go in with a few drops of the oil and run it through my hair to help eliminate frizz and keep my hair smooth. I do apply a little to the roots of my hair but mainly focus the product towards the ends of my hair. After using this consistently I really find that my hair is softer, longer, and stronger. It claims to repair split ends and I think the fact that my hair has been looking and feeling stronger, that claim definitely holds up. It does have a smell of Jasmine which may bother some, but I love the scent so it's nice that it lingers around for a little bit. If Ouai ever releases another set with this product, definitely snag it up as I got the full size with a few others for a little bit more than this product alone at full price.

I've used the Wave Spray a few times now and although I wish I had it when my hair was more of a lob and the weather was warm. It adds that extra bit of grit to your hair and gives a touch of volume. At times I wish my hair naturally dried nicely so that I could add a few spritzes, twist my hair, and be left with effortless beachy waves. Alas, that is not the case and I can just continue to dream. I like to add a few spritzes of this after working in the hair oil if I want to do more with my hair (i.e. curl / style it). This almost reminds me of the R+Co Thickening Spray, it just adds a little more give when you don't want your hair to look as "neat." 

I'll be honest and say I haven't given the dry shampoo a try yet, but mostly because I'm working through my MILK Makeup Dry Shampoo. That stuff is amazing and has converted me to dry shampoos - I actually look forward to no-wash hair days as I can give that a little spritz through. I've read some not as great reviews, but I'm hoping that the fact that I have hair on the dry side won't be an issue with this looking/feeling greasy. 

I like the idea of higher end haircare, it makes that pamper time in the shower a little more luxurious and the products make for extremely gorgeous photos - amirite? I like Ouai because the products all have simple packaging (the white lids really sell it - they make them look SO much more luxe IMO), smell amazing, and work well with one another. I've been eyeing the shampoo/conditioner sets and honestly, I'm at a loss as to which one I should try as they all sound incredible. 


Have you tried Ouai hair products before? If so, what are your thoughts? Send your recommendations to me below!