Brand Focus | NAILS INC.

One brand that I have been keen on trying but never really got around to it is NAILS INC. I have a rather large nail polish collection for one person, and I'll be honest that I don't paint my nails all too often. I've written about how I'm trying to use up more of my products, along with it are my nail polishes. I've noticed that some nail polishes have become a bit clumpy in texture, or just have an odd smell. As much as I love the colors, I'm really looking to get rid of them.

I am a true neutral and minimalist when it comes to my clothes, shoes, makeup, and nails. I love white, I love grey, and I love black. Go ahead and throw in some "colors" like olive (or poop green as my friends say), blue, and brown, a whole lot of stripes, and you pretty much have my wardrobe. 

I've been more particular about the items I'm adding to my life, straying away from colors or items that I know won't be used frequently. I picked up three nail polishes: 

1. Victoria: This is a beautiful deep cherry red which goes on opaque, sans streaks, and is the most beautiful color. My search for a dark red nail polish is complete. If you're in search, look no further. This is the one for you.

2. Bamboo by Victoria Beckham: This is very much a pink-cream nude. Unfortunately it does have more of a streaky finish and does require 2, maybe 3, layers with a steady hand. Left hand - ace. Right hand - not so ace. It is beautiful and I can see myself getting a ton of wear out of this in the Spring. I may try this with a white coat under to see if it helps the color pop more.

3. Porchester Square: OK, half got this because of Anna from VDM. She rocks this frequently and I just needed it in my life. It's a lovely lilac-grey color and similar to Victoria it is opaque and applies like a dream.

I'm already eyeing a few other shades, but may need to hold off until I'm sure I really want them. Here's looking at you Bruton Mews and Windsor Mews. Also looking to try out their base/top coats, as my Seche Vite top coat is near it's last application.

Have you tried NAILS INC. polishes before? If so, what are your favorite shades? Help a sista out.

BeautyCindy YueNails, NAILS INC.