Take 5 // Nail Pamper Sesh Essentials

If there is anything that I cannot stand it is overgrown nails and chipped polish. So much so that when my friends have chipped polish or outgrown polished nails, I'll offer to do their nails. 

Upon returning from Europe and finally getting home, one of the things I looked forward to most was sitting down for a little nail pamper sesh. One thing that I've been trying to do more is reach back into my stash to use up products I already have. In particular, using up nail polishes. One thing I've been pretty lazy about as of late has been painting my nails. (*Fun fact - my toe nails are always painted. Yes, even in the Winter. Anyone else?) I thought I'd show you the 5 things I grab when I'm having a little nail pamper sesh. After cutting my nails and squaring them off with a file, I'll go ahead and choose a nail color. For my base coat and top coat, Seche Vite has been my go to choice. The base coat has been a great way to prevent my nails from getting stained by whichever nail polish color I select. And the quick dry top coat adds an extra touch of shine and helps prevent unwanted smudging and smearing during the dry time wait period. I'm running low so I'll either need to repurchase or try a new one, any suggestions are more than welcome! I did my nails last last week, and they have currently lasted 6 days - not. too. shabby. I'll usually keep some QTips on hand just because they're easy to dip into nail polish remover to clean up any mishaps and shaky hands. 

After my nails have dried, I'll massage in some Essie Apricot Oil into my cuticles to help keep the dry skin at bay. I've had this stuff for a few months now and man, it doesn't even seem like I've made a dent in the bottle. A little truly goes a long way.

After the oil has really sinked in, I'll usually grab a rich hand lotion to sooth and repair my dry skin. I have the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, but I also purchased the Aesop Reverance Aromatique Hand Balm. I haven't used it all too much partially because I wasn't too fond of the smell, but now that we're in the midst of Fall the scent is somewhat growing on me. I am awful at describing scents, but it smells a bit like that of nature and a forest, with a touch of rosemary. 

What are some of your nail pamper sesh essentials? Any little tidbits I should be using or try out?

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