Benefit of Blogging

I've been reading blogs for who knows how long now. Bloggers often write about old finds that they have re-found/re-romanced when they opt to save some $$$ and shop their existing stash. I can now say I am also guilty of this *raises hand* as kicking off this blog truly gives me the little push to re-shop my stash. 

When I first started wearing makeup in high school, my morning routine was all of 2 minutes and only included curling my eyelashes, putting on 1-2 coats of mascara, and sweeping either Hoola or Dallas across my cheeks. I knew nothing of contouring (hell, I still don't), but ahh those were simpler times. Growing up, Benefit was one of those "cool to have" products to me - but I genuinely loved the products I purchased and the names of their products were just so witty. 

I honestly believe that Benefit blushes are some of the best you can find - the amount of product that is in each box is ridiculous. Can we be honest here and say that I've had the above Hoola and Dallas products for roughly 6+ years now? Don't even get started on sanitation problems - whatevs. They're just so sentimental to me. Anyways - I have never touched pan on any of these products. Can you say bang for your buck? 

The products come in a wide variety of shades and have different purposes. They have a light faint smell to them which is so lovely. I do say that the old packaging (removable lid) is preferable than the new packaging (foldable lid). I also feel that the product size decreased, but I can't be sure. I was fortunate enough to buy all of the Benefit products I own a long while back with the OG packaging.

I have four shades: CORALista, Georgia, Dallas, and Hoola

  1. CORALista: This is a fun coral pink with a slight shimmer, it adds the perfect glow to your skin. I remember trying out NARS Orgasm a few years back thinking it was way too shimmery, but finding a great middle ground with CORALista. So if you have problems with over-glittery products, this may be the one for you.
  2. Georgia: This a sheer finishing powder which adds the softest glow to any look. I typically sweep this across my cheeks and forehead on days where I wake up feeling a tad lackluster. I think it's one of those staples that is great for Spring - see what I paired it with here!
  3. Dallas: Apparently this is a blush/bronzer - individuals with light/medium skin can use this to contour, and although daunting in the box it's a lovely dusty rose color. I'd say it's pretty comparable to NARS Lovejoy. 
  4. Hoola: This is an obvious cult favorite and for good measure. This is a great matte color without any shimmer or glitter, it helps give a fresh sun-kissed look like you're just back from vacationing somewhere warm. Sometimes I even sweep this over my lid for an easy laid-back look.

Anyways - long story short I'm excited to re-visit my former blush/bronzer loves. Lately I've only been giving CORALista lots of love, but with Spring upon us I'm ready to whip out Georgia and Hoola in addition to CORALista a whole lot more and throw them into the makeup mix. 

What are some of your favorite Benefit products?