Glossier Zit Stick :: Review and a Discount

The newest skincare product to launch at Glossier in a minute is Zit Stick - it’s like a tide to go pen, but for your spots! Keep one at home, keep one at your desk, keep one in your purse to keep on the go! But in all seriousness - Zit Stick is pretty clever and I’m a huge fan so far.

I’ll just start this off by saying I don’t get spots very often (ok boo I know, please don’t throw sticks at me). But when I do get a spot, it’s usually those extremely painful under the skin ones that just won’t go away. The week this Zit Stick arrived, three different spots popped up on my face - one on the side of my nose (the worst), one under my bottom lip (the painful ones), and one on the bottom of my chin (a huge mountain that was under the skin). After all of these popped up in the span of 24 hours, safe to say I was mortified. But when I got this little surprise package in the mail from Glossier with this little baby, I felt like it was just fate. I had no idea what the new product was but I was pleasantly surprised by what I pulled out. Maybe my skin knew this was coming so it just gave me more opportunities to test lol 😅.

 was excited to give Zit Stick a try and went to town that night. All of my spots were new and not too grossly crazy, so I didn’t feel too bad using this as a roller over them. It did take quite a few clicks - I would say about 15-18 - before any product actually came out. I actually thought I may have gotten a dud so I was weary about clicking *too* much. I’ve had poor experiences with products like these and usually do about 5 or so clicks before I try again. The worst is when you "over-click" and it all comes oozing out and you can’t make it stop (if you know, you know). This has a teeny tiny little anti-microbial steel ball tip which is surrounded by little "ports" for the product to disperse out of so that you’re able to gently roll the product over your spot to treat it. I know these types of roller-ball products are common in the skincare world, but personally I feel like they aren’t the most hygienic. Because of my slight germaphobe ways, I usually take a wet cotton square and roll the product a few more times over it to “clean it” before capping it again. 

Overall I do like the design because I did use a product from Kate Somerville previously which was the Scar Diminishing Serum which also had a little metal roller ball applicator. The design is meant to help even the skin texture and reduce any bumps. With the Zit Stick paired with some acne fighting ingredients, I really find this little stick to be truly effective against fighting spots.

One ingredient I find to be the most effective in combatting spots is Tea Tree Oil - so I was very happy to see this among the ingredients list. Along with benzoyl peroxide and a derivative of salicylic acid (capryloyl salicylic acid), this is one gentle (yet strong) product to use to get rid of a spot beforehand it becomes angry and upset. Another cool thing about this product is that it can be used under or over makeup - which is great for touch ups throughout the day! I don't know how I feel about using it over makeup, but it's definitely easy enough to apply during your AM and PM skincare routine without the mess. 

Luckily the spots appeared towards the end of the week so I went makeup free over the weekend to let my skin breathe and recover. I put the treatment on AM and PM - and followed them with some pimple stickers from Avarelle. One thing about my spots is that they almost never come to head - and two of mine did! With no squeezing of my own accord - this was insane to me. They really got all the gunk out of my skin without any of the grossness or pain. I also usually struggle with getting hyperpigmentation scars afterwards and haven’t really struggled with it as much this time around. The spots on the side of my nose and under the bottom of my lip both came to head, while the deep under skin one just calmly went away - idk how Glossier made this but it’s pure magic in my books! 

This Zit Stick is $14USD / $17CAD and will be available in the EU in early 2019!

Will you be giving this one a try?

Glossier Zit Stick was gifted to me but all thoughts remain my own. 
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