Fall Weekend To-Do List

I’m all for a lazy weekend in, but sometimes I feel like I wasted precious time. As I get older, I’m definitely keen to get things done over the weekend. Whether they’re simply mundane “adulting” tasks or having a fun weekend - I just want to feel like I did something with my weekend. Here are some of my productive weekend to-do list items! You know me - I love to-do lists and particularly love to physically write things out as it’s a lot more fun to check things off and feel extra productive.

  1. No sleeping in. I think younger me would be appalled at this statement. I could easily sleep in past noon, only to be woken up by my parents to go to lunch. Sometimes I’d just be moseying around in bed and just be too lazy to actually get out of bed, but that was more when I had everything in one room - bedroom, office, TV, etc. But now that all the rooms are split up - it’s easier to get up since everything I want is likely in a different room. Also having Ollie helps because as much as he loves going to bed with me around 10PM, he loooves waking up early and frapping around the apartment. (Since moving into our new place a few weeks back, we haven’t slept in past 8AM on the weekends. Thanks Ollie. Ugh.)

    Get all the boring adulting tasks out of the way early on in the day. If I know I need to tidy up the apartment, do laundry, clean the kitchen - I’ll try and get it done early in the day. The later in the day it gets, the more I put it off and honestly it just doesn’t get done.

  2. Make a cup of coffee + cook myself some breakfast. Most mornings during the weekdays for me are extremely rushed. I give myself juuust enough time to do my hair, makeup, get changed, and give Ollie a few scratches before I quickly run out the door. On weekends I love to take the time to make myself coffee and if we have the food supplies - my bf and I will whip up some eggs, bacon, and toast. We also recently got an air fryer which has been life changing and also means that crispy tater tots are a possibility :B. I’m also getting more into the idea of cooking at home instead of going out in an attempt to be healthier and save a little $$ where I can. It also allows me to put some recipe books I picked up to good use - also bc Chrissy Teigen and Joanna Gaines are #goals.

  3. Head out to the Farmers’ Market! Now that we live near a downtown area with a Farmers’ Market, you can bet that we’re trying to go more. Especially since we don’t need to drive 15 ish minutes to get to one - we’re literally a 3 minute walk away. I walked through it a few weekends on the way to lunch with some friends and noticed some stands that caught my eye. As expected there are your typical fruit/vegetable stands and flowers, but I also noticed an entire greenery stand. I’m talking lush potted plants, succulents, and more. I literally walked by and ogled at it for a full on 5 seconds and my eyes are sooo big. T recently bought me a hanging planter and we just picked up a hook from Target, so all I need is a little plant baby to hang. I walked by the weekend after and it didn’t seem like there were any/many hanging plants so I guess I’ll have to keep going back. But I did notice there were a ton more food places than I had anticipated, and I saw it a little frozen Taiwanese stand with cold noodles, XLB, and steamed buns, and I’m waiting until we get back from NY to snatch up a few of those options.

  4. Make Soup! As we roll into Fall, I’m all about the warm savory foods. I LOVE making soup around this time of year, and my favorite one to make has to be my dupe of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana. I perfected the recipe sometime in high school and it’s probably the one thing I make that all my friends love and come around for. Since the recipe is quite large and it’s difficult to cut down, it can be a lot to eat. So I always love to make it when I know friends will be coming around. I made it this past weekend as we had a few friends coming through and I knew they’d enjoy it :) I have been pinning soup recipes like a mad woman over on Pinterest and am soup-er excited to test them out (see what I did there - hah). I’ve been seeing some Le Creuset pots on massive sale for 55% off on Williams Sonoma and I am oh so tempted to pick one up. I have a few key reward $$s that will be expiring soon so I think I may need to pick up a pot and get cracking on all these soup preps.

  5. Get out and adventure! Fall is honestly my favorite time of the year and I gotta say I despise that it lines up with Football season because I cannot get my boyfriend outside of the apartment on Sundays. Fantasy Football is life and I am definitely a football widow lol. We went pumpkin patch picking last year with Ollie and absolutely loved it - great photo ops and it’s nice to just get out in the fresh air. I definitely want to head back up to do something similar this year and I think we may actually prepare ourselves to go up and cut a tree down once Christmas rolls around (thinking way ahead but we actually have room for a tree this year). We have an event in SF next month for my bf’s work so I’m sure I’ll force him to make an entire day out of it.

    In the meantime we’ll be headed to NY for a little over a week so you can imagine I’ll have a TON of NY/travel content for you guys when I get back. Thanks for bearing with me as I transition into a new place and get back in the swing of things with blogging. I did recently get a new laptop which means I’m much more excited to sit down and use it to write/research!

What are some of your favorite things to do on the weekends during the Fall/Autumn months?