AUrate New York Infinity Ring

Although I love my dainty rings, a piece I had been looking to add into my collection was a chunky, boyfriend style ring. When an opportunity through AUrate came to add their Infinity Ring * to my collection, I quickly jumped at the chance. I’ve had the ring for a few weeks now and I’ve been regularly wearing it and I don’t see that stopping any time soon.

AUrate New York Gold Infinity Ring Chunky

This is my second piece from AUrate and they are a brand I’m definitely excited to try more products from. I know I haven’t posted much about jewelry on my blog, but I’m slowly but surely building up a collection and it’s one area I do want to write more about. I’ll probably do a few feature pieces, roundups, and maybe even storage/display ideas. If you can’t tell, I’m #TeamGold and I’m carefully curating a collection of pieces that both wear well on their own and pair well with others seamlessly.

I have the Infinity Ring in Gold Vermeil and I haven’t had any issues with skin sensitivity or discoloration. I’ve switched the ring around and worn it on both my index finger and middle finger - it works well on either! It is chunkier than most rings I tend to wear so it does take *some* getting used to as I do feel it. It’s not irritating and the edges are smooth so they never pinch my skin. I think this may be a great gateway ring before I decide if I would want to commit to buying a Cartier Love Ring 👀.

AUrate products come in a little millennial pink box with a teeny little pink suede pouch. Personally, I love leaving my pieces out on display as this allows me to quickly make my ring stack selection each day rather than having to dig open through pouches. I am thinking that I will eventually need to rotate jewelry pieces in and out and store them in their pouches to help maintain the look of the products. I do love that the pink suede pouches are nice and slim which makes them easy to stand the pouches up so I can eventually develop an index of some sort.

A special thanks to AUrate for gifting me this gorgeous statement ring.

AUrate New York Gold Infinity Ring