Madewell Favorites and Wishlist :: October 2018

The transition of dressing myself post-college was definitely a challenge. Back in college (which was five years ago now - wow), the goal was to buy clothes that was cute, stylish, and easy enough to dress up to go out with friends. I definitely bought a lot of clothes that were cute for bar hopping or clubbing, or lounge-y type clothes that were comfy enough to sit in lectures and class for all day. When I started to work, I needed clothes that were business casual. I definitely struggled since work wasn’t strict enough to make us dress up in slacks, skirts, or blazers. I found it difficult to adjust to wearing these pieces during the weekday but also dressing nicer casually on weekends without feeling like I was still in college (or just wearing athleisure type clothes). One brand I always admired from afar was Madewell and I’ve found that they have a lot of pieces that are great for both work and casual wear. While I can’t wear jeans to work, I feel like their tops, sweaters, and jackets are great for pairing with work-appropriate pants. Although I can’t wear it on the regular, I definitely have started to appreciate Madewell jeans and my little collection is growing. A lot of my clothes, shoes, and accessories are starting to be quite Madewell filled and I am 100% okay with that. I tend to shop up their stuff when they go on sale as it’s quite pricey otherwise. If you’re a student, you can show your ID and get a small discount off in-stores. This works on top of any sales they have!

Right now they’re offering a little sale of 20% off $100 or more, or 30% off $200 or more. The sale is going on through October 8 so you have another day to get shopping! With Fall here, I definitely wanted to invest in more jackets and sweaters. I bought three of the same cardigan last year and pretty much rotate through just those lol. I definitely need to expand my wardrobe more and this year I’ve decided to get a nicer jacket - and I think it’ll be perfect to take with me to New York in a few weeks! I’ve done a little round up of some of my favorite pieces from Madewell along with a few pieces I recently just ordered / have my eye on. Happy shopping!


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Madewell Wishlist